Be your own publisher…

… But don’t give up the day job… And think strategically…

Self publishing options are many and varied these days, and a lucky few seem to have made a huge success of it, with blogs going viral, e-books priced to sell in volume, and certain successes crossing over into mainstream best-sellerdom: last time I was in WH Smith, there was a whole wall (yes wall!) for Fifty Shades and numerous copycat offerings.

Publishing your own work is a nice way to feel you are making some progress, instead of being stuck in the months-long queue for yet another agent’s rejection letter. But doing the maths on a short run, high quality paperback product, I’ve worked out that I can only break even on production costs, and will therefore lose money on marketing, and, obviously, earn nothing for the labour of actually writing.

Depressing? Possibly. But then the only way to make money from fiction has always been to sell in large numbers. I’m looking at this as a long term strategy: a series of books, which achieve popularity over time. Readers who buy the whole set. Readers who recommend it to their friends. Check out my sample chapters, or better still, promise yourself that you will buy the books. I hope you’ll enjoy them. And recommend them. And who knows, if my strategy works, your signed copy of the very first edition might end up worth a fortune itself. Which is something no 99p download can ever be.


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