Adrian Fayter MA… continued

Previous posts indicated that I followed a flexible, modular course, which meant that I could actually complete faster than the usual part time pattern, yet not be a full time student either.  But this arrangement finds me getting my results in July, for a course I finished in January, with official graduation next November…

So I can now officially say I have a Masters degree, with Merit.

Now, interestingly, I mainly used my two novels for the creative work on this course, and the module that brought me lower grades was the one where I experimented with poetry.  I’m still pleased I did that, and I think it broadened my skills as a writer.  But I recently met a fellow writer whose MA in Sheffield required the completion of a whole novel in order to pass the course.  Which got me thinking that, for most students, it wouldn’t leave much room for experimentation in other forms.

So, the moral is, that if you are a prospective Creative Writing student (and always assuming you are not limited by geography), then it really is worth doing your homework about the course content and the assignment requirements before you choose where to study.  And also  to consider your own aims:  do you want to experiment and gain broad skills or do you want to focus on one specific lengthy piece of work?

I was lucky enough in a way to do both.  (Still gutted I didn’t get a Distinction, though)…



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