Masters of the Universe?

Previous visitors to the blog will recall that I completed my last MA module in January…  and, officially, finally graduated last month.  But I decided not to do the gown-hiring, hand-shaking thing this time around:  been there, done that, see the old photo every time I visit my Mum’s flat.

Great to catch up with a few of my fellow former MA students for coffee, though.  Check out this link to see some their recent work now on show to the public:

I’ve written before that you should choose the right time to start a creative writing course, that you have to consider when is best for you to begin to share and receive feedback on your work.  But when the time is right, it can be great to be part of a little community that shares your interest, shares your passion…  It feels good to restore some writing enthusiasm, to feel that you’re doing something of value.  I came home from the café feeling better about myself.  Not quite Masters of the Universe, maybe, but certainly Master of a Paragraph or two.




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