Kill for it…

Do you want to be a writer?  Is it your ambition, desire, or – sorry, but there’s no other word for it – your dream?  Are you hungry for it?  Would you – almost – kill for it?

Can this blog make you into a writer?  Well, yes, actually, it can.*  It’s not just the knowledge, experience or qualifications, or the fact that I’m doing it, and reflecting on it every day…  No, you could get that almost anywhere.

It’s this:  if you answered ‘yes’ to the questions above, then I know how you feel.

And what’s the most important thing that you need?  Imagination?  Creativity?  A big dictionary?  The best laptop you can afford?  No, the most important thing to have is time.

Despite all the demands of real life – work, wife (or partner), washing up, washing the car, washing your hair – you will have to find time, plenty of it, and at regular intervals, too.  You have to make writing a part of real life, not something that gets pushed out by it.

Action Point One:  Open your diary and make some appointments for yourself to write.  Personalise the appointments, eg ‘11.00 am to 12 noon, Mr Novel / Ms Screenplay / Mrs Ambition / Miss Destiny.’  Treat these appointments with the same importance as appointments with your boss, or your dentist.  Keep the appointments.

*Disclaimer:  this blog cannot guarantee to make you a published or even a good writer, but it can help.  It can certainly make you a writer…